English Communications Training

Presentations - Negotiations - Effective Meetings- Forming Social and Business Relationships

Mastering a language is very much like journeying to an unknown destination

Going on a journey somewhere? It's more comfortable and you have a greater chance of success if you have a good map and an effective means of travelling. Developing language skills is in many ways similar to making a journey to a new destination. This is the reason we put a lot of effort and expertise into defining what the "desired"end result is and what personal resources we can together bring into the training.
Skill areas
We have more than 20 years experience in helping clients achieve success in a wide variety of skill areas covering formal and informal presentations to learning the tricks and gambits of "small talk"so that you will never again feel "lost for words"!
Types of training
In-house solutions enable us to custom design training to specific identified needs. These could be for general development, team building in English for launching a new product or project, innovating and developing effective presentation models for communicating the benefits of products, projects, processes and services.
Form of training
Training can be on a "one-to-one"basis or for a group of up to 10 persons. The first is ideal where needs are highly specific and individual, whilst the second has the advantage of providing opportunities for interaction between participants. Training may also be distributed over time or highly focussed on anything from one or more morning or afternoon session or modules over several daysor weeks.
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