Adding power to web export

Use  the combined power of Map4Web and MindManager to maintain and customise business maps for publication.

A winning combination enabling you to much more easily customise and maintain web export for your business maps on intranets and the Internet.

2 steps to web export success using MindManager and Map4Web

1) Document and structure your business maps in MindManager.
2) With just a few mouse clicks, use  Map4Web to transform your business map content, using the templates supplied, into effective publications for your intranet and the Internet.

Use the templates provided or modify these using Map4Web and your HTML editor to suit your purposes
Create your own templates for web export from MindManager
Input your own meta tags to ensure search engine recognition without needing to re-enter info

MM6 web export
Creating web pages
Easily create own templates
which are completely visible during design (Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver...)  - without programming skills and just basic knowledge in web design (HTML, CSS).
Upload your files to a web server
using the built-in FTP client
Share the pages you created
on Windows SharePoint Services (SharePoint Edition only!)
Offer up-to-date information
using the overview map, RSS-Feeds and News Ticker
Let your visitors find your information
by using the integrated site search.
Enhance the notes section with Code Snippets
and include feedback forms, site stats, active links (Amazon) etc.
Prepare your web pages for search engines
using meta tags which can be defined within Map4Web
Optimize display of information
by individually adapting topic level layout in each template.
Vary your design
using different templates for your topics
Create your own menus
based e.g on JavaScript or php and using a special macro.
Create your own menus
based e.g on JavaScript or php and using a special macro.
Create pages which use server-side code
by including php or ASP code.
Create pages which are not displayed in the menu
e.g. for 'Thank you' pages of feedback forms.
Create menu entries for external pages
for pages which are not created using MindManager 6/Map4Web.

The bottom line, Why Map4Web?
If you use MindManager and have been frustrated by not being able to customise the web export functionality to get the result you need without extensive editing, then look at Map4Web. Creating and maintaining the web export functionality of MindManager suddenly becomes a lot easier.

System requirements

All editions:
Mindjet® MindManager® 6
Mindjet® MindManager® X5 incl. SP3 (Version 5.2.344)
Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.1

SharePoint Edition
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services® of
Microsoft Windows Server 2003®

Installation .NET Framework 1.1
Map4Web requires that .NET Framework 1.1 is installed on your computer. If it isnot installed yet you can obtain this at Microsoft for free.
The easiest way to get .NET Framework is to use "Tools – Microsoft Windows
Update" in your Internet Explorer.

You can also find this download here: 034d1e7cf3a3&displaylang=en

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